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Ultra Orthodox Communities are in Fact NOT Havens for Pedophiles

I am the school nurse in Imanuel, a small town in the Shomron (west bank) Israel,  followed the case of the allegations that a Malka Leifer sexually abused girls  because I wanted to learn more about pedophilia and how to prevent and treat it. 

Instead I found inflammatory rhetoric, including an apparently staged provocation in which an activist on behalf of the alleged victims seems to block Leifer's brother while exiting the courthouse, this clip was entitled "Violence in the court-house. Malka Leifer's brother tries to prevent Adam Segal from speaking to the psychiatrist by pushing him to the ground." Shared over 5000 times on facebook.

See more below on this apparently staged provocation.  

So I decided to speak out. This blog includes:

- Some information on the prevention of pedophilia.  

- "All of Imanuel is Crying" : an essay that shows that Haredi communities are in fact NOT havens.   Plus -  for decades, Haredi leaders have rejected Eliezer Berland

- The need to report. 

- Even criminals deserve to be treated humanely

I want to give the Sapper sisters credit for the awareness they are raising in the orthodox community and world-wide concerning pedophilia. Their teamwork with the Jewish Community Watch group seems to have really empowered them. As I understand it, they went from being in a state of personal turmoil, to getting therapy, to uncovering these painful memories, then speaking to a counselor (then the counselor alerted the Adass school of the allegations), then to being interviewed in the shadows, to coming out in public. Quite a  journey.

 Polarization in the Public Discourse

1. Statements in the media about Imanuel, where she lived for a short while, and about the Haredi community, that I believe are inaccurate and inflammatory. 

  2. An apparent provocation: the following video has been shared over 5000 times with the subtitle, "Violence in the court-house. Malka Leifer's brother tries to prevent Adam Segal from speaking to the psychiatrist by pushing him to the ground.".

On the Kol V'Oz site

When this was first posted, many people posted comments like, "I don't see the Haredi pushing anyone", and "I sympathize with your cause but this clip does not look credible". The clip was reported in two media outlets:



Um, if he pushed anyone, in front of witnesses and captured on film, where are the charges? Scroll down below for more.

3. Accusations against Dr. Brian Trappler.

 Dr. Brian Trappler, Director of Neuroscience Education at the State University of New York, gave testimony regarding Leifer's mental fitness. He was quoted as saying: 

“Just looking at their pictures and listening to their comments should give you an idea that this is not a heimeshe or Hareidi crowd,” Trappler wrote, using terms describing the ultra-Orthodox." 

You can see this in the following article:

This was used against Dr. Trappler.

Yet if you read Dr. Trappler's response that he posted in the comments section of this same article, he says that these comments were taken completely out of context. Scroll to the end of this blog to read his post, or look in that comments section.

4. Inflammatory rhetoric against anyone who offers alternative solutions to this case, like a trial in Israel, or against anyone who suggests she has a right to legal defense, or against anyone who states that one is innocent until proven guilty, or even against the suggestion that pedophiles should be in rehab. Of course rehab is a good thing! 
5. Politicking. That is, don't vote for Aguda, since Knesset member Litzman is in the Aguda party, and he is being accused of telling a psychiatrist to tell the court that Malka Leifer is too mentally ill to be extradited. Since Aguda has backed Netanyahu in the past, smear the Prime Minister at the same time. You see where this is going, right?

(Remember LA Law? A young girl was on the stand in a trial against her father for molesting her. The father's lawyer asked the girl, "did your mother's lawyer tell you to tell the court that your father did this?" She answered, "yes".  Grace, the attorney, shook her head sadly, seeing how the father's lawyer could use this to claim this case was a set up. She lost the case. Horrible story, and sadly true to life. Did you see the Hurricane? "Is this the man who shot you?" The bleeding man shook his head NO. Then the cop who wanted to nail the Hurricane said, "are you SURE this is not the man who shot you?" A nod of the head YES could mean, yes he is the man who shot, a shake of the head NO could mean, No I am not sure. But they were trying to nail blacks back anyone trying to nail anyone nowadays?)

Are you sure that Litzman told anyone to lie? You were not there and neither was I. Innocent til proven guilty, right? Or if I say that, you'll castigate me too?

How about this: don't extradite. Try her here. Why is extradition being pushed to the complete exclusion of a trial in Israel? A trial in Israel would be the best deterrent to any Jewish pedophile r"l who thinks he can find refuge here. 

Um, you know that the Aguda party is considerably larger than Litzman right? Now, anyone voting for Aguda is being castigated as a pedophile enabler. NOPE.  

Because of the inflammatory rhetoric noted above, I decided to speak out:

I disagree strongly that Imanuel was a "haven" for the accused, or for any pedophile.  You will read below how Rabbi Bar Lev swiftly turned in a suspected pedophile who lived here, and you will see below how the Leifer's were not accepted here. I find it dangerous that the media is touting Haredi communities as such "havens", whoever does so is putting people in danger.

update October 2 2019 -  the inflammatory rhetoric, connected to this case, against the haredim, seems to have lessened lately. I have posted a link to this blog only on articles (and comments)  that have smeared haredim or the town of Imanuel, (except for one). The articles that have been published since October 2 2019 are decrying Leifer's upcoming bail and pushing to extradite, with nothing negative about haredim or Imanuel.  One commentator suggests a trial and jail in Israel, no one is attacking her, like they attacked me when I suggested it a few months ago, see below. 


More on this polarization below, now I want to present information that I think will be helpful in the public discourse, and should have been the focus in the media:

Prevention and Treatment of Pedophilia

Education in the Schools

Every school in Imanuel has a program for the teachers to raise awareness about pedophilia - you can contact the three networks which supervise the schools here:  Maya'an Torani, the Chinuch Atzmai, and the Mamlachti Dati. 

The Chassidic girl's school is independent, and when I spoke to the principal, who took this very seriously, she told me that indeed they have program for the girls on abuse prevention, I spoke to the teacher who runs it, who expressed enthusiasm should Jewish Community Watch come here to speak, she is always open to more information.

When I asked two principals in about 2015 if they had programs, at that time they said they did not, so awareness has grown rapidly in Imanuel on the need to educate kids in schools on this subject. Good.

I am not an expert, but here are some emotions that one may experience in dealing with a case like this:

1. Misplaced compassion for the perpetrator.

2. Fear that the perpetrator can further harm the victim or the reporter of the abuse.

3. Fear that this case is embarrassing to your community.

4. Blaming the victim.

The misplaced compassion is probably the dangerous emotion that allows the abuser to continue their abuse. It may take the form of thoughts like: "poor thing, this was probably done to her...jail is too severe a punishment for this....abusers already live in an internal Hell and are already suffering.... he or she is sick, we should help her."

Imho the following is how you help an abuser, haredi or not, and be compassionate at the same time:

Report it immediately to authorities that can deal with it swiftly and firmly.

If that sounds intimidating, report to a trusted member of your community who will then take it to a social worker or medical professional that she trusts who will then deal with it.

Why am I saying this after admitting the phenomenon of misplaced compassion for an alleged abuser? Because this IS compassion, and here is why:

There are allegations surfacing now that the accused may have abused girls in Israel decades ago.

If that had been dealt with swiftly and firmly, after the very fist allegation, then more abuse would have been prevented, she may have been rehabilitated, and her family would not have suffered like this.

Now I will tell you an example of swift and firm intervention that prevented more suffering:

Title: "All of Imanuel is Crying"

About ten years ago....

"I heard that Rabbi S is on house arrest for suspected pedophilia." My grown step daughter told me.  I was shocked and doubtful that it could be true.

Then Rabbi Bar Lev called a meeting of the women of Imanuel.

This is what he said:

"All of Imanuel is crying. There is an inyan (important concept) of Dina deMalchuta Dina (the law of the Land is the law), I am enjoined by the Torah to turn a suspected criminal into the police, so I turned him in. But there is more than that.   A social worker who is an expert on pedophilia met with us, she said, 'it is essential to punish the perpetrator in order to show the children who are victims that this is wrong, and if they do it, they will get punished quite seriously. This breaks any potential cycle of abuse, preventing victims from acting out in the future and possibly abusing others."

The intervention was swift and severe. He was jailed.  I am estimating that five years of his life total was taken up by court hearings and less that a year of jail time.

He is out of jail, still married, a father and grandfather, and has a job in which he has no contact with children. He was punished, but not destroyed, and that is because of swift and severe intervention.

(After Rabbi S was on house arrest and before his sentencing, I called Rabbi Bar Lev and asked,  "can I call Rabbi S and ask him some general advice...?" He interjected, "of course! We want to build him up and make him feel good again. By all means call him."

So I called Rabbi S, did not mention anything about the case against him, and asked some general advice. The law had to press charges, but people could be compassionate to him, help him heal. His wife saw me after that, "you cannot imagine how you made my husband feel good, thank you so much."

Helping an accused criminal feel good will also stop further abuse. We are not here to destroy, we also want healing, and you hear nothing of that in this case against Leifer. )

It is coming out that the accused was suspected of sexually abusing a teenage girl over twenty years ago in Israel by luring her into a closed room and suggestively stroking her leg. If intervention had been swift and severe, "just" for that, which is horrible anyway, but "just" for that, she may have been pained, embarrassed, and severely punished for, say, a couple of years total of court proceedings and whatever punishment seen fit. She would have been banned from contact with children, and no one else would have suffered. She may even have healed.

My brief interactions with the accused and the family of the accused in Imanuel gave me the impression of  a family in social Herem (marginalization) and with no means. You hardly saw them. Reports that the accused taught in a school here are, I believe, untrue.

She and her family are destroyed, and it did not have to happen.

Woe that the first allegations were not dealt with!  Woe woe woe!!! If only intervention was swift! We may  have been hearing a very different story, maybe even of someone who had her whole life ahead of her to heal and maybe even prevent this happening to others!

And she does not.


No matter in what community you dwell, you are being compassionate if you report all suspected abuse to a trusted member of your community who can then pass it on to a local social worker, who can then pass it on to the law enforcement authorities.

Please, REPORT.

See the following study, "Tempest in the Temple", on sex abuse in the Jewish community, from the unaffiliated to the Haredi. - search "Neustein"

Page 19 in the preface, Dr Neustein states that Hassidic communities in Poland ran halfway houses for battered Hassidic women. Both enlightenment and denial about abuse are present in all communities. Whoever says that all Haredim cover up abuse is mistaken.


More on Prevention

Haredi psychologist Miriam Adahan recommends that you keep open dialogue with your children every single day. Ask then, "what is the best thing that happened today, and what is the worst thing that happened today?" 

Boundaries are essential! You child should have things that only belong to him  and no one can take without permission.  Likewise, he should know that he must respect others' boundaries, for instance, he should not be allowed to open his parent's cupboards, this gives a sense of boundaries.

But that assumes a functional, caring family. The Sapper girls were allegedly abused at home. In the photos of them as pre-teens, they are smiling. It appears that victims can cover up or repress what they are going through.

In that case, how can we help victims while they are going through abuse if we do not even know it, if they are smiley like everyone else?

We all need to be on the lookout for others who are being neglected or abused. We cannot be so busy, we must have some time in the day to take a look around, befriend neighbors, give an eye to easing others' burdens so the well can stay well and so the unwell can get help.

The Amichail organization here assists those who need help - women after childbirth, people in convalescence, they send food and household help.

But the dysfunctional are not always compliant, and Amichail cannot enter anyone's home if the host forbids it.  A  man told me, "If you make a suggestion to my wife, that is 'telling her what to do' and she will not listen. I do all the care for our children and she cannot. We had someone come and help, then my wife said that the assistant was 'telling her what to do' and she threw her out. She needs a loving big sister to work with her every day and completely accept her, maybe slowly she will learn how to bathe and feed children..."

Amichail provides help, but it sounds like this woman needs a substitute parent, and whoever offends her, which sounds easy to do, will be rejected. 

The next step in a case like this is, if the father cannot manage, the school will have to report signs of neglect and social workers will have to take it from there.

Lay people can only function on the level of primary prevention, that is, assisting wellness. We cannot enter homes without permission, we cannot fix problems that are sociopathic, that is the job for social workers and law enforcement.

If you have answers on how to help the dysfunctional and those in abusive situations, please post below. 


The accused was not accepted here. You hardly saw her, she was obscure. Someone commented, "she tutored". I answered, "not likely", and I asked, "do you have any information about that?" No answer.  Here is that blog:

You cannot help it if a suspected criminal moves into your area. This same blogger said that the community in Imanuel should have brought her to justice. I asked, how can lay people bring anyone to justice? No answer. 

Again, if you have information as to how lay people can bring anyone to justice, please share, and, if you do, you really should have shared that with someone in Imanuel years ago.

Note there is no place on the following article to place comments, this article is so full of distortions, and no place to retort:


The accused has been punished for this alleged crime in the following ways:

When the school where she taught at the time first heard of the allegations, they confronted her and fired her. She took the slim window to flee that very night to Israel.

She and her family have lived like fugitives since. They were obscure in Imanuel. Her family has suffered. She has a teenage daughter, hope she is okay wherever she is.This may seem trite, but, I heard they held a family celebration in another city, and as is the custom in Israel, hired a bus for whomever would like to attend; the bus was virtually empty. 

She was on house arrest for a year and a half.  She has been in jail since Feb 2018 with no bail. Her name and face is all over the net and news. The film taken of her by an undercover operation shows her speaking to family members and asking questions about prices in the store. I did not notice socializing other than that. No one from Imanuel has gone to support her in court as far as I know. 

I cannot imagine what her life will be like if and when she ever gets out of jail.  Looks like a 100% charity case.

She is facing either extradition and jail, or living like a fugitive and a rejected person in Israel. Reports say she has been "free" since she fled Australia - not really.

She went from being an important person to a socially isolated life.

The message is eminently clear to all - pedophiles will not find rest in Israel. Do not flee here, you will be socially rejected and the law will find you.

However, the media has been declaring that Haredi communities are a haven for pedophiles.  It is those writing these articles that are putting people in danger by declaring that pedophiles are safe among Haredim. These activists are claiming that the accused has a shadowy, underground system of support , including her brother  who will "push" someone to the ground in court - an apparently staged provocation as you can see from the clip - these very claims will actually intimidate any member of the Haredi community from reporting suspected pedophiles!
In addition, people internalize imposed identities. If you tell Haredim, "you cover for pedophiles because of your concepts of family and community", they will, think, oh really? I guess we have to. 

In addition, a pedophile may don a black jacket, enter a Haredi community, claim to be newly religious, and try to find haven. Again, those who are touting Haredi communities as havens are putting others in danger.

Think this through, do you think that  Haredim cover for pedophiles or do you want to think that?

Be aware:  in fact, suspected pedophiles will either be reported, as Rabbi Bar Lev did, or shunned.

In the following link you see skittish appeal from an obscure Rabbi for money for the accused legal defense team.. His non-specific language proves he does not have much support from the haredi community and neither does the accused:  By the way, she indeed does have a right to a lawyer. This is also being blown out of proportion to smear the haredi community:


Some examples of polarization in the public discourse on this subject:

I - The following video has been shared over 4000 times with the subtitle, "Violence in the court-house..."


But look at the clip in slow motion on my FB page:

פורסם סרט עם הכתורת
"אלימות בבית משפט - אח של לאיפר דוחף אדם סגל לרצפה"

אבל ראה את הסרט בהילוך איתי

Some were commenting on this original video on Friday March 15  that they do not see any Haredi man pushing anyone, but now I cannot find that URL.

In slow motion, you see the blue shirted man approach the Haredi man, reach his left hand up to the Haredi man's right shoulder, then the Haredi man's right elbow rises (he is speaking on his cell phone with his right hand) and goes over the head of the blue shirted man, his right arm does not touch the blue shirted man. The blue shirted man then raises both hands, pushes himself inwards, wriggles, falls, rolls on the floor, and sticks his legs in the air.

The clean shaven man in the doorway wearing a brown suit then raises his arms in the direction of the Haredi in a pushing motion as if to protect the one who "fell", then he says, "he pushed him, he does not want him to speak here."

How did the one saying "he pushed him..." read the other man's mind and "know" that his motivation was to prevent someone from speaking? Also, they were all leaving the courthouse. How can you prevent anyone from "speaking" when everyone is...leaving?

Then in the film on the UK Daily Mail link:

You see the blue shirted man approach Dr. Trappler very very closely, and asks Dr. Trappler if he said the "girls are liars", then, you see another Haredi man grasp Dr. Trappler's right arm as if to lead him away from this apparent invasion of space by the blue shirted man, then the blue shirted man says, "don't push me...", but no one is pushing him, indeed, the blue shirted man seems to be invading Trappler's personal boundaries.  

Um, if you think someone is pushing you, why are you leaning in to his personal space? Move away, right?

The the blue shirted man walks around and stands in front of Leifer's brother, who is talking on his cell phone and walking to the door. The blue shirted man asks him, "are you worried about the welfare of the girls" while crossing his arms and apparently blocking Leifer's brother, who tries to get by, and the blue shirted man zig zags in front of Leifer's brother and blocks him, then at 0.29 seconds slaps his hands together, gesticulates with his hands in front of Leifer's brother, and makes a small pushing gesture,  and says, in Hebrew, "hey, I am standing here, hey! Don't touch us!"

The Daily Mail article states that (the blue shirted man) is blocking Trappler. 

Are you sure it is okay to block someone? Would you like it to happen to you?

Preventing another person from moving freely is - you know that is wrong, yeah?

Standing in front of someone while they are trying to walk is - you know that is wrong, yeah?

Then the blue shirted man wiggles and descends to the floor, and the man in the beige suit says, "he pushed him! He does not want him to speak here!" Leifer's brother looks astonished, a security guard leads him away, and the security guard gives Leifer's brother an apparent protective gesture, patting his right shoulder.

Um, if Leifer's brother pushed anyone, would not the security guard apprehend him? In fact, the guard seemed to be protective.  

If you are a relativist and believe that the ends justify the means, then you can stage a provocation, and broadcast inflammatory and inaccurate rhetoric about individuals and communities in order to reach your goal.

But you probably did not know about cultural Marxist dialectic - keep people arguing, polarize, inflame, make media happenings, public trust does not matter one whit because if you question the rhetoric against Haredim, against Imanuel, against Rabbis, or you question a staged provocation, YOU are pro-pedophile, and YOU will be the next target. As long as people are arguing, Marxist-inspired activists will always win, because the goal is the media happening, the fight, the drawing attention to oneself. 

You never heard of Marxist dialectic? That is how insidious it is.

You say you are orthodox, not a relativist? You can be orthoprax and relativist, engaging in Marxist dialectic.

We should not cover up for pedophiles.  

And we should not cover up staged provocations or inflammatory and inaccurate rhetoric.


From the above clip: "Are you saying the girls are liars?"  

Flashback to To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

"you sayin' she's lyin' boy?"

"no suh I saying she's mistaken in her mind." 
See it at 28:50 minutes:

and at 8:20


II - A blogger says that the community of Imanuel should have brought her to justice.
I responded:  "That is the job of the courts and the police. Palestinians are asked by the IDF to report known terrorists in their midst - they cannot. Low income people who live in housing projects in the United States are asked by the police to report who the known drug dealers are in their midst - they cannot. I have spoken to members of both populations. Bringing people to justice is the job of the courts and the police, not of "the community" 

I asked her if she ever brought anyone to justice, to please inform us how she did so, and if she has such a system, why did she not inform the Imanuel community years ago how to do this? No answer.

I then posted:

"I do believe that the spectre of extradition is making this case very volatile. There are other cases of Haredim being tried for pedophilia that made little press as they were tried and sentenced in Israel, and, people do not like pedophiles. Extradition seems like being banished to planet Mars...."

I then suggested a trial in Israel:

Incredibly, one reader responds:

"Rebecca, it's clear where your allegiance lies. I shudder to think of the children in your care."

His rhetoric against me got worse than that.

The fact that he uses the word "allegiance" shows how polarized this has become. 

I ask, why shouldn't we be able to seek new solutions when something is clearly not working? You gotta think outside of the box when things are not moving. Amazing how he could insult me personally and professionally for suggesting a trial in location A as opposed to location B. It may be warmed over hostility towards Haredim, or that this discourse has gotten so polarized that any hint of thinking differently must mean you are squarely on the side of the Other, and that is intellectually stifling.

A trial in Israel would bring closure. Given the focus solely on extradition, which could take years, and the seemingly staged provocation that I post in slow motion above, plus the misinformation about the Imanuel and Haredi community, it started to occur to me that there are individuals that want this case to be an ongoing media "happening."

That is why, imho - Forget extradition, with all the farce surrounding it.  Any Jewish criminal who flees to Israel will be caught and tried in Israel.  If found guilty and jail is mandated, jail in Israel. 


After the accused was jailed in 2018, a Satmar Chassidic family apparently offered to house the accused on bail until the extradition process was completed. I think this was intended as a humanitarian gesture. Commentators twisted this to say that haredim support pedophilia. That is not true. 

You can oppose pedophilia and still think the accused is a human being, still wonder for her welfare, the welfare of her family, and think she should be treated humanely. 

The following comments allegedly made by some Imanuel residents have been twisted by the media against Haredim:

"It is hard to believe she did this, her kids are so nice."

"It is a shame she is in jail."

Folks, these are not equivalent to creating a haven or protecting her. She is accused of 74 counts of abuse. Why is this number so high? Why not five accounts, ten accounts - because even to the victims this was hard to believe. Saying this is hard to believe is not protective. Saying it is a shame she is in jail is not protective.

Allegedly, some police tried to question neighbors, and the neighbors did not want to talk to police. That is skittishness in speaking to police, that is NOT protecting pedophiles. This also includes skittishness in talking to reporters and the like. If the police wanted neighbors to inform on the accused, they needed to call a formal meeting with the Rabbis of the town and with the residents and explain what they wanted and how to cooperate. I retorted to someone who leveled this accusation of non-cooperation with police, "I have a family and a job, I cannot be following her around to judge if she is psychotic or not. The police have to do police work!"

Or, guide lay people formally in this. They did not, and neither did you.  Again, if you have a system for lay people in policing alleged criminals, post below.


Even Criminals deserve to be treated humanely:

Healing for pedophiles

I pray for healing for all ill people. I wish this discourse would also develop into advice for how the socially ill can heal. But it did not. Do not gloat that you are well, how do you know what may have happened to someone to tip the scale against them, turning them into a sociopath?

 "How do you know it won't happen to you?" - Yoko Ono

Or to a loved one, r"l.

An accused or convicted criminal deserves to be treated humanely. They should have decent prison conditions, adequate food and shelter, visits from loved ones and those who can lend support.  If she must be jailed for an extended time, it should be in a place where her family has access to her. Thus, if Leifer must be jailed for years, it should be in Israel.

Those who declare that anyone who visits an accused pedophile, or is concerned for the welfare of the accused and her family, must be "protecting pedophiles" or pro-pedophilia, is totally mistaken, and may be employing an intimidation tactic. 

You want people to heal. Criminals belong in rehab, in therapy, they need to learn skills and learn to feel good about themselves, they need to be in places in which they can heal and return to functioning and safe members of society. This is a just and humane attitude.

At the same time, the exploitation of another human being is an evil act. It damages another person in a profoundly deep way and swift and harsh action is mandated against it.

I disagree with some of what the Sappers have said but you got to give them credit. They came out of the shadows in their initial interviews in which you could not see them, to out in the spotlight, fighting to wipe out this horrible phenomenon once and for all, God willing.


More on Haredim do NOT protect pedophiles:

Eliezer Berland posed as a Chassidic Breslov Rabbi some 30 years ago. Other Rabbis warned that the advice he gives cannot be trusted. In about 2016, he was found guilty of have sex with teenage girls. There was an outcry in the Haredi community that he is a "rasha merusha" -  a thoroughly evil man, one who must be excommunicated, no one should follow him, anyone who continues to follow him will be unwelcome.

He was in jail for a couple of years.

June 2019 in Imanuel - posters were put up inviting people to gather with him before this Shavuot holiday. Within a short time, the posters were either removed, or his name and picture slashed through. 

Some pamphlets were scattered on the street to advertise this event, something that people do in Israel, scatter ads on the street. Shortly after, you saw they had been ripped up and left there to remind people that he is unacceptable. 

Next day - whoever scattered the pamphlets on the ground is now doing so not on the sidewalks, but off the sidewalks so they are harder to get at. They are still being ripped up or thrown away.

No, Haredim DO NOT protect sex offenders!


Dr. Brian Trappler states in the comments section of this article:

"Under the Freedom of Information Act I strongly suggest that anyone interested in pursuing the truth of this matter obtain a transcript of the court-testimony. What this would disclose, is the testimony that I provided the court in response to the Prosecutor`s charge that Malka Leifer be extradited from a High-Security Prison in Israel to Australia to stand trial for alleged sexual molestation. 

The comments that I made in a Facebook Post were specifically addressed to one of the Rabbis of the Beth Din of Crown Heights who had posted a request on Facebook that the Crown Heights Community sign a petition demanding Malka`s extradition. Such a Post by a Crown Heights Community Rabbi appeared to me as being misguided. I had been requested to testify as an independent Expert Witness by Senior Rabbanim in Israel far more familiar with the case. The Rabbi in question immediately (and appropriately) removed his Facebook Post. This was entirely befitting as he was being railroaded into a case involving plaintiffs who were not part of his community and entirely outside of his jurisdiction. 

My Facebook Post was subsequently used to spin a narrative portraying me as belittling the plaintiffs as not being religious by Crown Heights standards. In truth I only referred to the plaintiffs` identity only to highlight the inappropriateness of involvement of "Me -Too" activists in the Crown Heights Community mustering their religious and financial resources to influence the outcome of a case outside of their purview. Those in the courtroom would know that my testimony focused on the two pertinent issues in question:   

1) Did Malka`s non-compliance with her "Orders of Condition" infer that she was a malingerer who feigned being Schizophrenic ? 

2) If indeed she was Schizophrenic, did she meet the criteria of being "Unfit to Stand Trial" ? Regarding the first question, Malka had already been stripped of all home-visit privileges and placed in a High-Security Prison in Israel where she posed no threat to the community. For instance, none had noted that when she had abused her Day-Pass privileges, she had visited an OBGYN Specialist requesting a Pregnancy Test. Not only at age 56 and under the existing circumstances did that constitute a core DSM 5 indication of Delusional Thinking, but one that would be difficult to contrive by a malingerer unfamiliar with the architects of the "A-Domain of Schizophrenia" understood by a small circle of experts familiar with the literature of Schizophrenic Nosology. 

She was Catatonic and receiving a combination of 5 Anti-psychotic and Mood Stabilizing medications. Psychiatrists who were now under pressure to re-diagnose her as "malingering" failed to follow the DSM guidelines of the "A-Domain", crucial to the diagnosis of Schizophrenia. While certain "Crow-Negative Schizophrenic Symptoms such as social withdrawal", can be fictitious, "Crow-Positive Symptoms like Catatonia and Somatic Delusions are virtually impossible to fabricate. None of the other medical experts utilized the P.A.N.S.S. - an established Psychometric instrument used to verify and quantify the presence and severity of Schizophrenic illness. So much for their claim of Fictitious Disorder (Malingering). 

Regarding "Fitness to Stand Trial": Nor did any of the protagonists contending that she was indeed fit to stand trial make use of the "Fitness to Stand Trial Questionnaire", the universally accepted instrument in Forensic Psychiatry. It is comprised of 26 criteria required to establish whether a particular confined Psychiatric Patient qualifies or fails to qualify as being fit to stand trial. Studies have found that 50-70% of confined psychiatric patients fail to meet the criteria of being able to rationally direct counsel in their own defense or face prosecutorial interrogation. In the final analysis I was only one of several psychiatrists who testified.

 The ultimate decision lay with the Judge. To state in a public forum that I testified against Malka`s extradition because the plaintiffs were not as religious as members of the "Crown Heights Religious Community" is a malicious attempt to misrepresent the facts and malign me with the Orthodox Community. 

I also believe that those involved in fabricating that narrative had no intent other than to defame me and have Malka extradited to Australia "no-matter-what". Their M.O. (one which was also used against the Cabinet Minister Rabbi Litzman in Israel whose office was vandalized) was to demean, insult, and intimidate anyone from impeding their desired outcome. Engaging in such behavior, in particular during active legal proceedings constitutes "witness intimidation" which itself is unethical. To see a street-mob aided and abetted by the mainstream media was another example by these sinister actors of ensuring that the public be exposed exclusively to the false narrative they fabricated."

end of Dr. Trappler's statement


One wonders why activists advocating for extradition would risk losing the public's trust via a seemingly staged provocation and apparent misinformation in the media.  I was personally in touch with three of the activists, who dropped me like a hot potato when I protested their statements about Haredim and Imanuel and when I suggested a trial in Israel.

If they really care about preventing pedophilia, would not they be glad that every school in Imanuel now has awareness programs to prevent pedophilia? Glad that the accused was not so "free" here in Imanuel? Glad that Rav Bar Lev turned in a suspected pedophile? Open to the idea of a trial in Israel? At least respond to the suggestion?



Help a neighbor. Dialogue with your kids every day. Prevent social illness in any way you can. Raise awareness. Report suspected abuse. 

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